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"Experimentation Prevents Stagnation"

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Hi, my names James Opie, and Nihilore is my experimental musical project, the music contains elements of electronica, post-rock, prog rock, ambient, chill-out, synth, piano, trip-hop & dance music. All Releases are available completely free! go to the discography page to check it out.

For other work that i do, check out

The Next Stage Age Of Wonder Ongaku Lost Souls The Flower We Saw That Day Ever Forever Ex Animo Iconoclast Elements House of Skies Come Judgement Day Sincerely Yours Power of the Machine Spirit Destrudo Tale of Two In Every Direction Tune the World When the World Crashes That's All I ask (of you) Against my Better Judgement All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful All That's Left, the poetry is Dead Another Dead End It Begins With Hello and Ends With Goodbye The Lonely Tree Reaches Out to the Power Lines The Risk You Take Yolteotl

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