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A Tale of Two

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Track Listing:

1 Down from the Sky, One White Feather is Floating 0:34
2 To the Tomorrow that Gleams With Light 5:06
3 The Melody That Flutters Before the Shining Stars and the Sunset 5:35
4 Reaching out My Hand I'm Running, Chasing your Shadow 8:15
5 Within the Twin Citys 7:57
6 At the Time of Encounter, Two Hands Joining Together 7:51
7 Reawakening Memories Closed Up in His Chest 10:20
8 Bad Memories Haunting at Night 2:14
9 A Melody for those Who Seek Truth (Ver. 2) 4:53
10 Born in a State of Constant Fear 5:31
11 When White Snow Falls, it Enwraps and Hides the Colour of Sorrow 3:43

Special Notes:
Artwork by Nihilore


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